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    Are you looking for an escort to accompany you for a dinner date?  Would you like to hire someone for a night at the theatre? Contact us and we promise an experience like never before!

    Who Are We?

    London Based Escorts is an elite escort agency serving high profile clients looking to hire Milton Keynes escorts. Our clients include high flying executives, aristocrats and other powerful men in Europe.

    Why Should You Hire Us?

    A lot of escort agencies call themselves elite, but not everyone is worthy of the title. A genuinely elite agency excels in two aspects- its matchmaking skills and ensuring privacy of its clients. At the London Based Escorts, we assure you complete satisfaction in both these aspects. We take pains to make sure that the hired escort matches your preferences and style. Looking for an Asian escort with hazel eyes, loves classical music, and speaks Spanish? No problem! We’ll definitely find one that exactly matches your requirement.

    As for the privacy, indiscretion hurts our business as much as it hurts your reputation. Our escorts are hired after tough screening and made to sign a nondisclosure agreement. We do not store your personal information such as phone number, email address or bank details. And neither do we encourage clients to contact the escorts independently. Should there arise such a situation, we’ll deny even knowing about you.

    Why Should You Hire Escorts?

    Men who choose to hire our escorts aren’t horrible people and neither are they unattractive. In fact, some of them are so handsome that they’d never find it difficult to find a date if they choose to. It’s just that they’re very busy professionals who cannot be bothered to waste time finding a date. This is in fact, very typical of businessmen who’re frequently travelling across the world. Rather than spending time and energy on girls, it makes sense to phone and get a girl to join you for a dinner date. And if things go well, you’ll be suitably rewarded as well! At the London Based Escorts agencies, we hire only the best. Our girls are intelligent, sophisticated and can hold a good conversation. This is the best way to get companionship without emotional attachment.

    Contact us to hire Milton Keynes escorts or if you’d like to know more about our services…