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    At the London Based Escorts Agency, we offer the best escorts to accompany you for parties and societal events. Our Leicestershire Escorts can also be your fun companion for foreign holidays and naughty parties.

    Why Should You Choose Our Leicestershire Escorts

    Our escorts are the best in the industry. They’re not just another pretty face, but confident and smart women who can carry themselves well. Our escorts have a discerning sense of fashion and always look their best. But they’re also intelligent with engaging personalities and can hold a conversation at high society parties and events. Some of them are top models, actresses, and successful career women who have a day job to keep. These girls are into escorting because they love the thrill and fun of high life. We follow a strict recruitment process before hiring our escorts and make them sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    Who Hires Escorts?

    Only the very naïve would believe a man when given a chance would not hire an escort! Men who call for escorts are neither depraved souls nor do they lack in the looks department. They do so because it is so much easier to pay for an escort rather than waste time on courting. Our clients are busy professionals who do not have the time or energy to date. And some of our clients are really hot looking men who would never have a hard time finding women of their choice.

    Escorts are dates that can be customized to suit your preferences- right from the color of her hair and eyes, and the type of gown she should be wearing. And there’s no embarrassment about your expectations at the end of the date- you don’t have to risk a rejection! Some of our clients may have difficulty in finding a date, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve fun. Rather than wait for the right one who can see beyond their looks and personality, they choose to buy companionship. And believe us not all escort dates end as you think. Some men are just looking for company, or need an arm candy to show around.

    Some of our clients have steady dates, but their women may refuse certain acts. This is where we come- you just have to let us know of your fantasies and our girls can do it for you.

    Contact us if you are interested to know more, or if you’d like to call one of our escorts…