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    Would you like to hire beautiful and elegant women to accompany you for an evening at the theatre or a high society dinner? Are you lonely and longing for the company of a smart and intelligent woman? Welcome to London Based Escorts- a premier escort agency showcasing the best and the most beautiful escorts in and around London.

    Who Are We?

    We’re an elite escort agency serving high society clients looking for Chester escorts. Our clients aren’t ordinary individuals- they include very successful executives, aristocrats and peers, industrialists, and the crème de la crème of the society.

    Elite Chester Escorts

    Our clients aren’t looking for any average scarlet woman. They’re looking for a no strings attached companionship with sophisticated and elegant girls. Some of our escorts have a regular day job to keep- they are models, actresses, and ambitious career woman. Not all of them are in for the money. Some of them love the glitz and glamour of high society. Some love the finer things of life and that includes dining at the best restaurants in the world and vacations to exotic destinations. Some love the company of high society men. And some love how it all ends! Our girls are stylish with a flair for fashion, yet they’re smart enough to hold a good conversation. They’re confident and charismatic, yet equipped with the skills to make you happy.

     Why Do Some Men Hire Escorts?

    Some of our clients are extremely busy professionals. They do not have the time and energy to look for a date. Some of them are constantly travelling and cannot commit to a long time girlfriend. Relationships need a lot of emotionally commitment. And not all of them have a happy ending- especially when the focus is on your career.  Besides why waste time looking for the right girl when you can have custom-made girl suited to match your preferences? Looking for a girl who is 5’8, has a dusky complexion and looks like an actress you fancy? No problem! We can match any preference.

    Some men have the money, but they’re either unattractive or too old to attract girls. And some men have the money and looks, but they’re terribly shy around women. Rather than wasting time looking for a girlfriend, these men prefer the company of our escorts.

    Our escorts are also the right choice for men looking for girls without having to play the dating game.

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