Escort Service Booking Details and FAQ

    Looking for information about our escort service booking? Read further for details:

    Email us or contact us via phone between 9am and 11 pm with information about your name, email address, contact number, date and time of the meeting, preferences if any.

    Indiscretion hurts us more than it hurts you. The benefits of kissing and telling may be short lived, but the harm can be for a lifetime. Need we say more?

    Ideally, we need sufficient time to arrange for the escorts because they’re usually people with a regular day job to keep. You may also have to allow our escorts to get themselves ready for the meeting. Before committing to an urgent booking, we’ll have to first check with our escorts. The earlier to inform, the better will we be able to find a date that matches your preferences.

    Our services are available in countries where escorting is legal. You can arrange for the soiree at a hotel or a place of your choice, or allow us to arrange everything for you through our special VIP concierge service.

    We request you to refrain from doing that. Our escorts are successful career women, models and actresses by the day. As clients you wouldn’t know when to/how to contact, and might end up embarrassing them. And you cannot be assured about discretion when you contact them directly.


    On the rare occasion that you aren’t happy with the escort service booking, call us within 15 minutes of the meeting. We’ll replace the escort at a cost of 100 Euros besides added travel costs and accommodation.  But we also request you to be polite with the escort and make her feel comfortable.

    If you know you’ll be late for the appointment, we request you to call us as soon as possible. After the initial grace period of 30 minutes, you’ll be charged 30 Euros for every 30 minutes of wait. And if you cancel less than 5 hours before the scheduled appointment, we charge you 300 Euros as late cancellation fee. And for bookings outside the UK, we’ll retain the 30 Euros you’ve paid as deposit money. This will be later credited for the next booking.

    If the escort cancels five hours before the scheduled appointment, we promise a 100% refund followed by a 30% discount on your next booking.


    We’d be more than happy to read your reviews. If you like our service, we’ll try our best to never falter in terms of the standards promised. And if you do not like our services, we’ll improve and consider your suggestions.